At MaD Cycles we offer a comprehensive list of bicycle maintenance and repair options.

In a workshop space which forms the heart of our store, our staff members draw on their high level of mechanical experience in order to meet your bicycle repair and service needs. With an arsenal of industry standard tools, a large array of spare parts in store, and our regular suppliers on constant standby, we are able to get you back on track sooner.

Service jobs are usually processed in order of drop off date, whereby a 2 to 5 day turn-around time is usual. For customers requiring a more immediate time frame, bookings are essential.

  • ┬áRepairs booked for same-day servicing must be dropped off before 10 am on the day of repair.
  • Whilst we attempt to determine and correctly allocate all the required parts for a booked repair, sometimes a job may need parts which are unavailable, leading to unavoidable delays. Under these circumstances, the required part/parts will be promptly ordered and installed when received.

We run a tight workshop, you will be kept informed with time frames for parts ordered to give you peace of mind as to when your steed will be ready to go.