Ideal for kids bikes


*Plus parts

Check & tighten all bolts
Adjust & tune brakes
Inspect & adjust bearings
Check drive-train & lubricate chain
Inspect tyres & inflate to correct pressure


Ideal for general geared bikes


*Plus parts

Full bike wash & drive-train degrease
Bike wear inspection (measure chain, check brake, pads, tyres etc.)
Gear tune & lube
Brake caliper/rotor adjustment
Safety check, inspect bike & torque all bolts
Minor wheel true (in bike wheel true)
Check & inflate tyres


Recommend for road bikes


*Plus parts

Full bronze service ++
Remove & degrease entire drive-train
Service & re-grease shifters
2x wheel true (out of bike – thorough)
Remove & re-grease bottom bracket
Remove & re-grease headset
Top up tyre sealant, inflate tyres
Pivot bearing inspection & re-torque (if applicable)
Inspect & adjust all bearings


Recommended for dual suspension mountain bikes


*Plus parts

Full silver service ++
Complete bike rebuild
Strip, clean, re-grease and re-assemble entire bike
Remove swingarm, linkages, pivots, inspect & replace bearings if required (parts not included)
Service front & rear hubs, cassette body, clean and re-grease bearing or replace if required (parts not included)
Dropper post inspection, clean, lubricate and replace cable (If bleed required extra labour charge)
Brake re-face and re-align, pad rotor clean & bleed brakes

Labour Charges

Tube / tyre fitting $10ea

Gear / derailleur tune $30

Brake / calliper tune $30

Hub service / rebuild $30ea (+parts)

Headset service / install $30 (+parts)

Bottom bracket service / install $40 (+parts)

Hydraulic brake bleed $35ea or $60 for both

Wheel true $30ea

Wheel true + fit spokes $40  (+parts)

Wheel build from $80ea

Dropper post install $50

Tubeless set up (t/less ready) $35 inc sealant 

Tubeless conversion (2 X Wheels) $140 inc rim tape, valves, sealant & labour 

Suspension fork service (lower leg) $80 (+parts)

Rear shock air can service $60 (+parts)

Bike build (out of box) $100

Boxing bike (flight pack) $60

E-bike tube / tyre fitting – front $15ea

E-bike tube / tyre fitting – rear $20ea

E-bike firmware update / diagnostic $50

Bike wash (eco friendly) $20

Drivetrain degrease (off bike) $40

Labour Rates

15 minutes – $20
30 minutes – $40
45 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $80